Blue Epps With The New Wave

Rude Boy Magazine

Blue Epps, born in Toronto, Ontario, had a hard life facing tremendous amounts of adversity growing up in the streets of the notorious Moss Park/Regent Park area. Turning to music to help him get through the tough times, he developed his craft through storytelling and writing short stories. As English was one of his strongest subjects, it allowed him to express himself and become the artist that he is today; an aggressive style spitter using lots of punchlines and witty deliveries, but also making sure  to keep the listener at the edge with his passion and heart on the mic. Look out for this fresh new talent in the years to come. Upcoming projects are on the way, starting with his trilogy series NUUWAVVV. Look out for part 1 of the series in the 4th quarter of 2014.

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Blue Epps – Nu Wav

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