Blood of Angels Is A Powerhouse Of Metal

With a knack for music, Blood of Angels is building a repertoire for themselves in the industry. Boasting a pioneering sound along with a dynamic stage presence, this artists’ music is turning eyes and ears. This is one group that you’ll want to keep up with and follow. High impact moves are being made by Blood of Angels, and it won’t be long before they’re a household name.

Re-writing the rules and pushing boundaries, Blood of Angels are set to up the ante with their imminent album release Rise of the Fallen Gods. Based out of Florida, the four-piece band is combining full on death metal attack with black metal sensibilities with flourishes of melody. The band is composed of Aaron Robinson (guitar), Michael Stewart (bass), Chris Iibucha (vocals), and Kevin Phillips (drums). When together, the band rolls their collective experience from previous acts into a potent powerhouse of metal.

Axeman Aaron has previously played and toured with acts such as Foreshadow and believes that Blood of Angels is the next step. “I still have something to say, and I have a vision for a different metal sound,” he says. For the whole band, the build-up to the release of Rise of the Fallen Gods is a chance to take their careers to the next level and expose head bangers to a mosh pit of pure intensity. The translation of the live sound onto an album is a step that will see this band’s rise.

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