Bleu J, Smooth Jazzy Funk

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Bleu J, Aric Jones, is a Hollywood based artist from Chicago who adopted the moniker Bleu J from the appearance of his blue hair. Bleu is known for his smooth-jazzy funk sound and his lyrical ability to paint vivid imagery on the tracks. At the early age of 13, Bleu started writing and emceeing and from there relocated to the bay and met Aaron Temple and Kevin Farpella and formed the group known as UglyFace in 2008. UglyFace dropped their first album in 2009 titled the “White Tape” with “UglyFace” as the hit single along with a couple other tracks.

Since then the UglyFace name has expanded to a label and has also become a movement. After being kicked out of his home, Bleu went solo and moved to Hollywood but still kept the affiliation with the Uglyface Music name. Since then, Bleu has recorded hundreds of songs in the span of his career but has only released a few. Bleu J is now working on his first solo project.

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