We’re 11 Deep: Blazing Flame Entertainment Exclusive Q&A

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Check out the interview with Blazing Flame Entertainment exclusively on Rude Boy Lifestyle Magazine.

RBL: What is the meaning of your name? How did you get it and what is the significance?
Blazing Flame Entertainment:When I (J. Park) first started Blazing Flame Entertainment/Productions my partner Rio and I were trying to figure out a name to describe the type of sound we had. We started out as a production company first. Rio made the beats and I did all the engineering/mixing/and production. Soon everybody started to hear our sound and all they kept saying is that we were hot. Then one day in a studio session Rio said that whatever our name is it has to have fire in it, so that’s how we came up with Blazing Flame.

Can you tell us about the music scene in your area? What is it like? How are the other artists?
The music scene in Cleveland, Ohio is very diverse. There are all kinds of talent literally just walking down the street and sometimes it feels a little over saturated because everybody seems to either rap or sing; however, that’s what makes the Cleveland music scene so unique. You never know what type of new talent you will come across. The underground scene is thriving and all we need is some exposure.

What did your friends and family first think about your career?
My friends and family didn’t understand why I wanted to get into music because they didn’t see my vision. I used to always make beats before I got my first studio. Before Blazing Flame was founded, nobody really paid me any attention until I made my first dope beat. Then my friends started coming over to my mom’s house listening to what I had and the next thing you know we are in my mom’s attic recording music with a mic, cd recorder, and my brothers DJ equipment.

What are some of your favorite brands out right now?
I really don’t have a favorite brand. I don’t really follow trends or brands because I’m too busy trying to create my own. However, I support all upcoming and underground brands.

How many artists are on your label? Could you name them and tell why he/she needs to be heard?
There are 11 artists currently on the label and they all have different and unique abilities.

AG is my youngest artist, he’s only 16. At a young age he is able to rap about any topic creatively. He doesn’t use foul language or talk about anything he doesn’t know or research. His lyrical level is far beyond his years. His thought process and progression with his lyrics from topics such as science and society will elevate him past his freshman year and soon the locals in Cleveland will be requesting AG on 107.9 FM.

Big Squeeze is a monster on tracks. He has a street/hardcore edge but doesn’t test his lyrical ability. His delivery on his tracks will have you feeling everything he raps about and he isn’t shy when it comes to talking about the ladies; so don’t be surprised if a track for the ladies pops on after listening to one of his grittiest songs. If people are looking for the new street sound, well The Weight is Over.

Dub is one of the best real life storytellers period. He can paint a picture so precise with his pen that listeners will feel like they are being welcomed to Dub-Ville. Dub won’t turn back until he has the people’s popular vote and he is in demand.

Phenom Shyt is exactly what his name implies; his lyrical abilities are phenomenal. He’s also the rebel on the label. He will rap about any and everything he feels that needs to be said on any level. Phenom believes he’s the best and if anyone says otherwise it’s blasphemy. He is definitely Off The Grid.

Queen Vixen is the only female on the label but don’t test her, she will beat anybody in a battle. She is the punch line queen and her tracks will leave listeners staggering. Line up your best emcees and she will be like a scene from The Purge.

Orion is lyrical assassin whose is a witty rapper with rhyme schemes that are so complex that what he’s rapping about might not make sense until the entire track is over. With his change of pace rhyming style listeners will need a pen and pad to keep up with his tracks.

Ricky Cardo is the party hard artist on the label and will turn any song into a club hit with his catchy delivery and swag on the track.

Anubis is one half of our hardcore group called Wykkid Sykkniss. He’s the self-proclaimed illest white boy out. His ill topics and sick rhyme schemes will have listeners thinking the same as he rises through the ranks.

Brink is the other half of our hardcore group Wykkid Sykkniss. He also raps about off the wall and hardcore topics but at a speed that will have listener’s speakers leaking with lyrical contagion.

Scar is one of the founding artists of the label, I call him the teacher. He’s like a lion on a track, his delivery and content will hit listeners hard with his street side but he also can hit listeners hard in the head with knowledge. He won’t stop until tha land (Cleveland) is resurrected.

BFE Arsonist is my new artist. His laid back flow will lull you into his tracks that are full of punch lines and meaning. He got a track for any topic and if he don’t he will have it in a few hours guaranteed.

What keeps you going in this tough music economy? How has it changed you overall?
The thing that keeps me going is the love of creating and hearing new music. Without that I might have stopped a long time ago but I get inspired when my artists come into the studio with new material and we turn it into a song. I truly love the whole creative process. The industry seems to be catered around social media and numbers from social media; however, that hasn’t stopped me or my team’s grind. It is important for our talent to be seen and heard no matter what.

What are some of your focuses outside of music? Do you have family or other businesses around?
My main focus outside of music is to create a clothing line with my oldest son Albert (AG) and to open up a Barre3 workout studio with my wife. Currently I’m running my recording studio, Blazing Flame Studios, along with being an independent distributor with McKee Foods. My wife and I just started selling a line of clothing. She is also a certified Barre3 instructor.

What separates you from the next label in the business?
My label Blazing Flame Entertainment believes in originality. We don’t copy trends or other artists/labels styles; we keep everything we do organic. We build from within and expand, our brand and label is the main focus. We believe in promoting all of our artists the same way. No artist is above the next artist. We grow as a team and unlike other labels we believe in helping artists outside our label by giving them spins and promotion on our Blazing Flame Radio Show 7 days a week.

What advice can you give to the other small artists that are just starting out?
The main advice I can give upcoming artists is to be yourself and make your own sound. If you’re not a killer or drug dealer don’t feel the need to rap about it in order to be heard or liked by the public. Make music for yourself and let the people decide if they like it. It wouldn’t hurt to have a budget and be willing to invest in yourself.

Are there thoughts of signing to a major label or distributor yet?
The main goal for my label is to get a distribution deal. We’ve been working really hard in the studio and we put out some quality music and mixtapes. My artists would like to stay independent because they like having the freedom to create their own style of music with no restrictions.

What do you think the future of music industry will look like?
The future of the music industry would be great if they would promote more underground artists and allow new artists to break through and be seen and heard with full creative control. The music industry needs balance. Some of the pioneers might even come back and make new records if the industry wasn’t going in its current direction. The future is looking bad because talent and skills aren’t the focal point anymore.

Where can we find you and connect with you? Can you tell us your social media links etc?
Official Website: www.blazingflameproductions.com
Twitter: @BlazingFlameEnt
Instagram: @jpark216_blazing_flame_ent | @blazingflameentertainment
Facebook: @Blazing Flame Productions/Entertainment


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