Blake Shaw, Jo’nuary 4th, 2015

Blake Shaw Take 4

Blake Shaw, a young gifted man with a good ear for music and a dope voice, hails from Marion, SC and has a searing love and passion for music that radiates through every note. You know an artist has that crossroads breakthrough sound when it haunts you for days on end. Every track that Blake Shaw is on, his haunting sound will invade you. Blake Shaw raps, sings, and he is seriously on his grind. The mixtape “Jo’nuary 4th, 2015” is an enticing blend of Hip-Hop and R&B grooves that will hypnotize your senses.

“Jo’nuary 4th, 2015” takes you on a journey that leaves you wanting more. The vocal arrangements fill your heart, the melodies grab your ears, and you are lost. Striking the right balance between what’s typical and what’s important about music has long been a quality gone missing in Hip-Hop and R&B, especially in the last decade. Now those appealing aesthetics embrace Blake’s sounds within his contemporary musical ethic. He has been able to successfully utilize the newer computerized technology and the complication of Hip-Hop rhythms and R&B groove by intertwining dynamics that brings out the intensity and emotional honesty of the lyrics.

All the tracks on “Jo’nuary 4th, 2015” are well-written, well-performed, and do nothing but rightfully heighten the profile of a talented artist like Blake Shaw who is bringing on a crossover sound ready to take the scene by storm.

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