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Blackwood Jack is celebrating the release of their latest EP titled Triggers under Silver Ball Records and is exclusive to vinyl. Their ideal plan would have been to bunker down in a beach house on the Great Ocean Road to record their project, but wound up in the boonies surrounded by paddocks and bushland at the Kennedys Creek Hall where they recorded the collection of dark Rock songs. Perhaps it was their destiny. Their debut EP The Pessimist (2014) was recorded in a hall – the historic St. Brigid’s at Crossley in southwest Victoria, Australia – and Kennedys Creek has been a second home to their music impressing crowds at the annual boutique music festival held in October.

It’s not only at Kennedys Creek that Blackwood Jack is impressing listeners. They’ve shared their music at various festival atmospheres including the Queenscliff Music Festival, Bonnie Brae, and By The Meadow. The four piece band has also graced audiences in the intimate venues of Melbourne’s The Worker’s Club, Cherry Bar, The Gaso, and The Old Bar. Adding to their acclaim is an east coast tour already accomplished and supporting slots with Stonefield, The Delta Riggs, Money For Rope, The Pretty Littles, Steve Smyth, The Exploders, Magic Bones, and Drunk Mums.

Their Triggers EP is likely to see their success rise. From the hypnotic groove of opener Some Kind Of Love through to the darkly fascinating centerpiece Gravity and finally through to the QOTSA-like surge and flow of Avalon, Triggers is an edgy EP built on strong hooks, artful production, and the haunting howl of front man Ben Cue. The EP is the third release from Silver Ball Records – a vinyl-only label set up to promote the best music coming out of the ever-fertile southwest of Victoria.

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