BlackRose, Soul Artistic Trends Music Group


“There are many ways to describe him, but artistic fits best.”

Music is an outburst of the soul. Music is what feelings sound like. Music has the ability to convey what cannot be expressed. Dynamic, soulful, powerful, and daring are the words that best describe budding R&B star Roosevelt K. Taylor Jr., professionally known as BlackRose. Many artists struggle to identify their musical sound laboriously trying on different musical styles looking to see what fits. Then there are others who emerge fully formed in full command of their craft, their identity, and their music. BlackRose fits firmly in the latter category. His voice and stage presence are both captivating and moving which heralds the arrival of a significant and gifted new talent, one whose music feels familiar while striking out on its own territory and telling his story.

Born on a December day, in Harlem, BlackRose discovered his soulful voice at the age of 9. Accompanied by his cousin, they sang a doo-wop style of R&B which helped to expand his technique. In his early teenage years he sang for Brandies High School and his church choir and he knew he wanted the world to hear him. Despite all of the curve balls life threw, they did not deter him from his dream. He turned his full focus towards his two loves, being an R&B crooner and a painter. With the help of his supporters and fans BlackRose continues to pursue his career and fulfill his destiny.

BlackRose is the owner of Soul Artistic Trends Music Group where he is also a manager, promoter, artistic painter, consultant, and curator. His newest project is for a Mexican restaurant in Harlem were he designed the signs/logos and art for the restaurant. He has had a gallery opening by 1199 SEIU Bread and Roses Cultural Project and Creole Supper Club the Lounge of Three in Washington DC and is a member of the Harlem Art Alliance. He has released two projects, “Harlem A Tale Of Two Hoods” and “Harlem Ain’t The Same.” Being no stranger to hard work he has performed all over New York and parts of Ohio, Maryland, Florida, Delaware, and Washington. BlackRose is the new face of R&B coming live from Harlem. More than a singer, he is a mogul in the making.

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