Black Sam, Money Power and Respect


Black Sam, Stephen A. McCutcheon, grew up in the rough streets of Northeast Washington, DC. Raised by his aunt/god mother, he faithfully attended church and took an interest in music focusing on the drums. At Age 7 he moved with his father to Maryland where he went back and forward between there and his aunt’s home in DC. Attending elementary school in DC and MD, young Black Sam was able to show his ambition and creativity by applying and entering talent shows where he performed and rapped songs by other artists. At age 10 he performed a song written by Eazy E, his favorite artist, which made his classmates feel like they were living amongst a soon to be star.

As he grew up and entered into high school, he became Black Sam and created M.P.R. Ent. which stands for Money Power and Respect. Traveling to Phoenix, AZ right after high school, Black Sam had branded his already growing label M.P.R. Ent. He was able to mingle with a lot of different styles of Rap by doing a lot of battle rapping between other artists. Upon his return to DC, Black Sam befriended T.Y. Wells of Catfight Management and was introduced to professionals in the music industry. Black Sam linked with fellow school mates Poozy Kush, Jay Rich, and G-5 Tre and the gentlemen form the group 11:11 Boyz and dropped 2 hit singles: “Yellow Bone Star” (sampled by Soulja Boy) and “Put Some Water Down” which immediately created a buzz and had radio play in the DMV.

After parting ways, Black Sam went back to work on his brand furthering his career. Soon after he released his first solo CD under M.P.R. Ent. “Set It Off” was produced, mixed, and mastered by DOT COM. Currently, Black Sam is working on the highly anticipated mixtape “Set it off 2 (Hunger Pains)” which is scheduled to be released in December of 2015. The goal for Black Sam and his brand is to stay as an independent artist, live his dream, and use his lyrics and blessings to touch the world’s ears and hearts. Once established, Black Sam will sign his first two artists to MPR: Young Zack and Fly Sosa.

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