Black Mage’s Is Laying His Heart On The Line


When it comes to being musically inclined, Black Mage’s a seasoned pro in the music business and has made a name for himself. From innovative and vanguard lyrics to impactful performances and styles, the music’s speaking for itself and people are listening. Don’t sleep on Black Mage because the musician and entrepreneur might just have something up his sleeve that’s purely unexpected.

“I am an artist. I am a musician. I am a driving force behind Rogue Tendency. Amidst a sea of musicians both real and fake, my story doesn’t much matter. You will believe what you will no matter what I say. So, since I lay my heart on the line for you to judge, why not take a moment and peer into the soul of a man? What could it hurt? And hey, you may change for the better,” Black Mage so poetically defines his musical ideology. After a long time studying and perfecting his art, this marks the beginning of a career in a field that many take for granted.

Now that he’s recently completed EP Welcome to Level 1, Black Mage is focusing on his group album The Rogue Tendency EP and several group mixtapes including Game Theory, Patron Saints and Neurotic Prophets, Super Hero Music and his own personal mixtape Xp’s. In the foreseeable he’s expected to release the LP for Welcome to Level 1.

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