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Born Ben Joseph, namesake meaning son of encouragement, and going by the stage name BenZoe, is a native of Bradenton, FL (Cutthroat City) and is CEO if Zoe Militia Entertainment (ZME). He has had the childhood many often write/rap about but few actually live. His father left the scene early in life leaving his mother to be the sole provider in a hood where junkies roamed. BenZoe was recently quoted in regards to his life saying, “Throughout my life I have endured a great amount of pain. From juvenile jail to prison, I’ve been there alone. I know about that side of the fence. I was shot 4 times, once in my left arm, twice in my right arm, and there’s still a slug in my chest the doctor couldn’t get.”

BenZoe, like many young men, thought dropping out of high school to assist with the household income and be the “man of the house” for his family would make all the difference in the world. But it just proved to make things even more difficult. That didn’t stop him, he continued to push forward and overcome the obstacles in his path.

BenZone has dropped several mixtapes over the past several years. After being released from prison in 2014 he’s put his focus on current projects. The “I’m Here” mixtape was hosted and released with the help of DJ Secret, located in central Florida, last year. The upcoming project “Flood Da Streets Vol. 1” will be released in late 2015. Keep your ears to the street and come get affiliated.

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