Bennet Q Is A Musician From Saskatchewan

Bennett Q (Benjamin Jade Chernoff) is a 23 year old musician from Regina, Saskatchewan. He represents athletes and artists coming together to form something new. His style is heavily focused on personal development, enjoyment of life, and motivating others with my passion for arts and entertainment.

Career highlights include playing multiple live shows in Saskatchewan and creating a presence in Canada. In 2017 he became a TuneCore artist, started his 3rd YouTube channel entitled “Breakthrough Freestyles” dedicated to only life changing freestyles. His EP Detour is set to release this fall and he is working on a 7 song project with Coty “On Point DXTR” Stewart for late 2017-early 2018.

Bennett’s goal is to be the most influential artist that he can be and bring a Grammy back to his city. He’s done well already, with multiple musical releases. You can expect great things out of this artist who loves being on stage and thrives under pressure.

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