Been Rich Dixon, Bound To Be Superior

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21 year old rising hip hop artist, Demetrius Dixon, also known as Been Rich Dixon, found his musical influences by listening to artists such as Ludacris and other members from Luda’s Disturbing Tha Peace record company. When Dixon moved to Central Florida he began his musical career by writing lyrics and producing beats which he sold to other rappers needing original instrumentals. Now, after attaining a fine amount experience, he strives to pursue music not only as a hobby but to make it vocational and at the same time becoming a successful entrepreneur in such a fierce industry.

As an artist, Dixon has many musical influences that result in his dope rap and hip hop sounds. The songs that he produces originate from his own experiences, his own soul, and his own distinctive musical style. His music is an amalgamation of his original ideas with additional influence from his life role models and the artists he admires. He writes, produces, and creates music based on his life experiences incorporating a wide variety of topics into his lyrics.

Having the opportunity to play on various stages in the central Florida region, and out of state performances including performances in Wisconsin and Korea, Dixon is no stranger to the stage. He plans on venturing out to venues as he wants to expand his fan base. He has plans of releasing various EPs within a couple of months and plans on taking over the music industry.

Facebook: @demetrius.dixon.142
Soundcloud: @macknum


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