Beeisthefuture of Hip-Hop

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When it comes to bringing originality and substance back into hip hop music, a young man from New Orleans is on the job. His name is Beeisthefuture and he isn’t afraid to be completely honest in his music. He does his own production and is very particular about his sound, creating shock value as people see this young man and doesn’t expect him to sound that way he does. The inspiration behind his music all is just real life, steming from what he knows and the relatable things people go through everyday. This is not your average rapper and performer by a long shot. Building perseverance and enough guts to put yourself out there with a unique sound can be tedious, but Bee feels its all worth it in the end. Besides it’s better for people to love you or even hate you for who you are, rather than for who you’re not. Beeisthefuture is here to stay and he has a message that shouldn’t go unheard or be ignored. Follow him on his journey to the top.

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Beeisthefuture & HueyJay – Life In The Sky

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