The BeatJackers’ Mad House

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In 2009, in the bowels of the underground art scene in downtown Los Angeles, an MC who was formerly a DJ met a vocalist who was really a guitar player and the two formed a band. They added a DJ (who was always a DJ) and a bassist (who was really a sound engineer) and The BeatJackers was born. In their 2014 incarnation, they’ve replaced guitar with drums, and the quartet lives on as a badass beat-making machine. Marrying mainstream hip-hop with progressive rock, rave house, breakbeat dnb, and hard-hitting electro for the alternative masses, The BeatJackers bring the noise on stage with a festival-style live show complete with the high-energy theatrics you’d expect on the party scene.

These “artists’ artists” have redefined the traditional definition of “band” with their innovative lineup and refreshing attitude. Lumis, Tim, CVD and Yuichi invite you to have a listen and rock out right along with them. Their in-house self produced debut album “We Got The Juice!” is available now on In Life We Spin Records and anywhere digital music is sold.

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The BeatJackers – Juice

TheBeatJackers – Live at 5 STAR Bar, 2014 – Part 1

The BeatJackers – Live at 5 STAR BAR “Getting High”

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