Battling Giants, Birth/Death/Reckoning


Formed in 2013 by Luke Smith, the goal for Battling Giants was simple: create captivating Rock music spanning from the roots of Rock n’ Roll to modern Rock and everything in between. Motivation came in part from a dissatisfaction with the current lack of live performance in the music industry. A connection between the performer and audience seemed lost when musicians ditched their instruments for computers. New bands featured less and less legitimate performance aspects and Smith foresaw a pending regression to more honorable times for both musicians and Rock music. Smith had ambitions for a band that could handle writing a new album every year, as well as touring full-time in support of it.

By Thanksgiving of 2013 an album was recorded in Calabasas, California. By the time the mastered copy was back in the hands of Smith all of his members had decided to leave. This was a devastating setback, as the album “Proclamations” had everything needed to be successful minus the support of a full cast. By August 2014 a new lineup was formed with the additions of Matt Limberg on bass and Scott Peterson on drums. By the end of 2014 the trio had completed the band’s sophomore album and were ready to record and tour in support of its release. Their first tour began on January 1, 2015 and stopped midway in Calabasas, California for a second time to record at Agoura Borealis Recordings; owned, produced, and mixed by Cal Campbell, son of legend Glen Campbell, and mastered by Mike Wells who has produced albums alongside of artists such as STS9.

Currently the band has just released their 13 track sophomore album entitled “Birth/Death/Reckoning.” They are also kicking off another lengthy tour stretching across the continental United States starting in June. The band plays regularly in their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska while not on the road. Writing for a third album is already a quarter way complete. Aspirations and goals continue to be raised as the band is hungry for success by year’s end. Up until this point the band has been completely DIY.

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