Bar Lingo, Grace & Passion


Faced with the adversities of blue collar crime and with the will to survive the streets of Muskegon, Michigan, Botney K. Collins, Bar Lingo, took his way of downfall and turned it into a musical harmony of gritted street beats and heart felt lyrics. Represented by A&R Yvonne Wilcox (Pen Name, Record Union, and music publisher for ASCAP), he’s ready to present his LP to Sony Music.

Being released from Michigan’s department of corrections in April of 2007, Lingo has never stopped believing that he can be the best to ever touch the mic with the right support team. Now that that has his mind set on the bigger prize as a true emcee, Lingo is sure that with one head shaking track and a rugged voice laid over it everyone is going to be moved by his grace and passion.

Instagram @streetlyfe231

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