Bam Gucci At The Helm Of Slank Productions

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From rhyme, rhythm, and real reason, Bam Gucci’s made a dent in today’s music and entertainment world. The dedication’s no less than the best and putting in the effort to make it to the majors won’t be a surprise in this case. Don’t forget that when you hear Bam Gucci on the airwaves nationally or even internationally that we predicted the success.

The Richmond, CA recording artist began her hip hop career rapping in a group called the Incoming Crew that started out in 2000 freestyling and getting together with other artists in the area to test their skills and talents. Bam Gucci was freshly new and ready to work. She has a very positive, fun, energetic vibe with an authentic flare. A go getter at heart, she owns a record label named Slank Productions and has a 10 artist roster that’s been performing throughout the San Francisco Bar Area headlining and opening.

Bam Gucci’s currently working on 2 mixtapes, Split Personality and Recognize Snake, that are slated for a late 2016 release. This July she released 2 videos for the singles Gucci Ass Nigga and Enemy’s featuring Lil 400. On July 29th she and the crew will be headlining at The Colony in Sacramento for a Pryme Tracks events on August 20th in San Francisco.

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