Baby Nique, New York’s Biggest Teen Sensation


Baby Nique who? She is more than your average teen. Born in Jamaica and raised in New York, she is one of New York’s biggest teen sensations. She has made a name for herself and built a diverse fan base through the internet before taking her acting and music mainstream.

Baby Nique is a triple threat that writes her own material: actress, singer/rapper, and dancer. She brings a sexy, sassy fashion to her style, with a look just as flirty as she is adorable and edgy. She is very laid-back but when she hits that stage there is so much raw exciting energy.

Today Baby Nique is working on a new single. She continues to make wonderful music that everyone can enjoy. Baby Nique stays connected with her fans on a daily basis via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and YouTube. Follow her to stay updated on her latest projects as she makes her way to stardom.

Learn more about Baby Nique on her Official Artist Website.

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