B. Morgan, Time Practice and Perseverance


You think you may know the road to stardom but becoming successful in the music business takes time, practice, and perseverance.  Confidence doesn’t hurt though. Just ask new R&B artist B. Morgan if he knew one day he would eventually get his lyrics, his music, and his luck right and he’ll answer you with his trademark: “OFCOURS!”

After a decade-long grind, the 25-year-old Bronx singer is finally on the verge of seeing that his dream was meant to be. Press play on his newest track “Poke It Out.” It’s a familiar urban tale saluting the hustle of an exotic dancer doing what she has to do to keep it moving; her ass and her spirit of no surrender.

The song is on the heavy playlists of all three major New York FM hip-hop and R&B stations – WBLS 107.5, Power 105.1, and HOT 97 – and on the request lists of thirsty patrons and shapely entertainers at your favorite strip club. Listen to the song at Soundcloud; visit his website; and check him out on Twitter @IamBMORGAN, Instagram @IamBMORGAN, Facebook.

B. Morgan was born in the Bronx on June 29, 1989. Though his real name is Desmond Morgan, friends and family still call him “Boobie” which he later shortened to B. While still a toddler, he moved to live with an aunt in Bridgeport, a suburb of Kingston, Jamaica not far from the Tivoli Gardens, the infamous neighborhood known for violence, poverty, drugs, and the notorious Shower Posse.

First at a primary and then missionary school, Morgan learned fast that his singing voice attracted lots of attention. At age 8, he entered his first talent show and won. And though his mother was a singer and his aunt is one of Canada’s most famous reggae artists Jackie James, B. Morgan initially wanted to be a rapper. He listened to Tupac, Jay Z, Biggie, and Full Force.

As a teenager, he moved again. At first to Miami, then Fort Lauderdale and finally back to the New York where along the way he played percussion in the marching band in Florida and then joined the school choir at Evander Childs High School in the Bronx. “Chicks used to stop me in school and would ask me to sing,” he says. “I became real popular because of that.” People used to say, “That’s the dude who can sing but looks like a rapper.”

After graduation he did a semester at Morgan State University in Baltimore before he left to pursue music full time. But the streets were the only ones hiring. B. Morgan would split his time peddling and then going home to make beats. Nothing much good was coming of any of it and it was time to return to New York.

“I started really studying my craft, studying arrangements and harmonies,” he said. “I was working. Really overworking doing lots of events and random shows. I was bumping into a lot of other singers and I did get signed by Universal by late 2007, but my project got shelved.”

Another deal with a smaller label only lead to trips to California, lots of jewelry but no money, no record release. For almost two years it was a rough time for B. Morgan. He was struggling, mother was sick, but he was doing everything he could to keep pushing. B. Morgan was writing a lot of songs about his experiences. But it was, of course, a reset or time to start all over again. He eventually got a retail job at Party City and then as a front-end manager at Kmart. B. Morgan was saving his money and his mother’s health was improving. “Some progress was better than no progress.”

And then came a succession of managers that were all short-lived partnerships. B. Morgan started handling a lot more things himself, taking meetings and booking his own appearances. The singer that looked like a rapper was opening for Tyrese, New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe and working with DJ Marley Marl. During the summers of 2012 and 2013 he played New York City’s famous Summer Stage opening for Trey Songz, Omarion and Melissa Morgan among others. He was also appearing at a number of high-profile New York venues including SOBs, Greenhouse, Stage 48 and the Highline Ballroom. He made connections with Chris Lighty’s Violater Management.

And then DJ Ty Boogie, also of NYC’s Power 105, included B. Morgan’s single “Turn It Up” on a 2013 mix tape hosted by Ashanti. B. Morgan’s was back and getting major raves. At a BMI-sponsored new artist showcase in 2013 he was nominated for Best R&B Artist.

Last fall he correctly saw the potential in his newest song, “Poke It Out.” His associates, friends, and eventually sponsors – like ProActive Armour energy drinks – loved it. The first time the song played was in the famous Sin City Cabaret in the Bronx. “It was crazy, it was bananas in there yo!”

Right now, that fat-bottomed groove is propulsive. For spring and summer 2014, B. Morgan is embarking on the final leg of a Northeast college tour. He’s shooting a new video and continuing to promote his brand.

Learn more about B. Morgan on his official website.

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