Ayspo, Looking To Sign

ayspo 2

Ayspo was born in Ocean City, Maryland, moved to Florida at age 6, and attended the University of Florida. During his spare time he would do stand up comedy which helped Ayspo be creative and also think on the spot while doing improv. During college he fell in love with all genres of music but had an affinity towards rap and attributes his influence to many different artists and styles. Listening to all types of music broadens his own music and pushes his limits as an artist. For hard hitting rhythm and flow he looks toward  Ice Cube, Schoolboy Q, and ASAP Ferg. While Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, and Chance the Rapper‘s clever lyrics and a smooth vibe influence him on a different level.

Ayspo really started taking music seriously when he played one of his songs at a Phi Delta Theta frat party and everyone was dancing to it. At one point some girl leaned into him and whispered, “Is this a Childish Gambino song?” After that Ayspo started really working on music but still  hasn’t perfected his signature sound quite yet.

He’s currently working to supply the income it takes to really promote himself as an artist. He’s looking to sign with a record label in the near future and continue to make music and perform at local clubs and bars until then.

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