Ascend, The Gift Of Consciousness Through Lyricism


With confidence that he’s bringing a new flavor into the game brooding inside of him, Ascend is an upcoming artist that’s making music with deep meanings in his songs. Putting in the work to better himself with each passing day, he’s seeking a label or management who believes in his craft to provide the guidance to put himself and his music out into the public’s ears. Self-respect comes first before any movement can rise and he’s putting all his might into songs via creative ways giving the gift of consciousness through lyricism.

Aside from a Coast 2 Coast performance in Las Vegas, Ascend hasn’t remained in the shadows up until the past few months as his bar have progressively matured. He was approached by TMG, a record label, but rejected the contract. With 3 shows coming up, there’s much excitement brewing for one show since he’s opening up for the legendary Spice 1.

Ascend has an album slated for June 1st that happens to be my birthday. He’s also planning on distributing it on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and Datpiff. Mos importantly he’ keeping his eyes open for promoters who will drive Ascend to his peak. His main goal is as simple as being one of the greatest to ever be in the hip hop industry.

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