Artisan Twenty 2, Soul Food


Growing up as a child, Artisan Twenty 2 experienced dramatic moments. In elementary, a few school teachers were convinced there was something wrong with him. Left at school on the first day of kindergarten, he began to cry being in the presence of strangers and a non-emotional teacher put him in time out for his outburst. In the following months during a parent-teacher conference, his mother was confronted the teacher’s inflammatory question “did you do drugs when you were pregnant with him?” His mother immediately removed him from her class and told him to never allow people to bring him down. Till this day that has motivated him in ways he cannot explain and serves a key point to his music.

Artisan Twenty 2’s music illustrates violence, hate, and love. But it all serves a purpose and is a reflection of his life. From moving and attending 4 different high schools and experiencing racism because of how he dressed, the music he’s making has shaped him into the person he’s today. He’s experienced many obstacles and events that had lead him to identifying himself as an artist.

The year 2016 is the first year that he’s emerging as an artist. He’s releasing a mixtape titled Soul Food in March and an album titled MindofASickKid in May. Soul Food will illustrate how Artisan Twenty 2 uses his life and people he encounters in his music. He feeds from others, hence the title Soul Food. MindofASickKid paints a vivid picture with his songs about what goes through his mind. From the teachers in school to bullies testing me because of the way I talked, and to his divorce and experience he’s had with women are all topics he reflects upon in the project.

Official website:
Soundcloud: artisantwenty2

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