Artis, Craft Over Everything


Artis was born 12/11/1982 in the Bronx, NY. Music was really a second love. Drawing and designing was his first. As a young kid growing up in a hood full of violence and drugs my life at that time was drawing, aggressive skating, and basketball. “Those were the things that kept me sane and out of the streets.”

I never thought I could be a music artist. I didn’t think I had what it took to be an artist. I started rapping in 2007. My first freestyle was to Busta Rhymes’ “New York Shit” record and never looked back from there. Now I’m part creator and front runner of a crew name Creators of a New Breed, creating real art for thought. I’ve never being afraid of being wrong. Craft over everything. Remember hip hop is a culture not a genre. I’m looking forward to killing everything and hearing the world scream “craft over everything.”

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