Arielle Ash, Now You Know


Arielle Ash is a singer, songwriter, and musician originally from Baltimore, MD. Throughout her childhood she would blast music from her room, sing at the top of her lungs with a fake microphone, and dance like there were thousands of people watching her. This was her escape from everything she found herself struggling with. However, it wasn’t just one genre Ash found herself connecting to; it was all of them. Although Ash deeply desired to fulfill her ultimate goal of music, she also began experimenting with all things to do with art ranging from dance, theatre, drawing, and painting. During Ash’s senior year of high school she began to learn the acoustic guitar and once she was able to master just a few chords she began writing music all the time. Yet, she told no one.

It wasn’t until Ash’s sophomore year at Hofstra University that she decided she was going to take her passion into her own hands as a result of a time she found herself truly suffering in life. Ash’s plan included mastering the guitar, songwriting, and singing skills. She would practice in the lounge of her dorm room and then proceed to ask her roommates to listen and give their honest opinion. During this time Ash wrote over 100 songs, but just one of those songs stuck out to her and her peers; a song called “Now You Know.” “Now You Know” started off as a song examining the ideals of the truth behind everything she never said to someone of her past and it slowly transitioned into the phrase that would guide her to where she is today.

“Now You Know” is part of the movement Ash continues to strive for and she says it is no longer a phrase dedicated to someone else but to herself. Every day Ash begins to understand just a little bit more about who she is, her passion, and what it will take to get there. Coming from her early endeavors into music, with keeping the majority of her true ultimate dream a secret, Ash now plays her music at open mics in Boca Raton, FL and just recently played her music as a featured act. Her Soundcloud consists of covers and her original music. Her Instagram is home to all of her supporters. Her Facebook page is where you can find out details about her performances and all updates on her journey. So keep your eye on Arielle Ash, she won’t stop and she is moving fast.

Official website:
Instagram: @arielle_ash
Twitter: @ariashh

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