Antitesis, Small Actions Are Larger


Daniel Malaquías (Enik Man, MC), Leonel Chávez (Yoko Kenedyk, MC), and Estefania Vázquez (Jazz Chorus) are from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and have come together to form the Hip Hop band Antitesis The group initiated in 2013 following their need to express their discontent over crime through music including the day-to-day violence and injustice that governs their city as one of the most dangerous ones in the world. Their hopes, above all, reside in their need to make a public call inviting others to challenge their country’s current circumstances through small actions.

Each one of the members also belongs to the collective group Hoja de Ruta, a project that promotes and encourages the art of reading by distributing small booklets with poems and short stories from international writers which they themselves create. Every fifteen days the group goes on public transportation where they give these booklets to each passenger while reading them aloud to their new public. They have distributed more than 350,000 booklets.

Antitesis has been involved in the literary world by combining Rap with poetry. Their strong roots in the north of Mexico and talent have taken them to perform in festivals like Rapeale por Tu Juarez, Primer Slam Poetic, Espiral de Lectura, Reflejo de Letras, the IV Encuentro de Escritores por Ciudad Juarez, and the IX Festival Internacional Caracol Tijuana. This year they will participate in the first Dialogo Cultural Transfronterizo along with renowned artists like Boca Floja. In the meantime, they will be preparing their first single produced by Black Soul, a production house in Ciudad Juarez.

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