Ant Watts, Not Slowing Down

ant watts silence

Anthony Watson, Ant Watts, grew up on both the north and south sides of Houston, TX giving him diverse exposure to the varied styles of southern Rap that shape his unique personal sound. His love of music was borne from more than just the extensive presence of music in his surroundings. For Ant, music quickly became a way for him to cope; he would often daydream and lose himself in the lyrical content. Music was his escape from the outside world.

Honest, talented, and always humble, Ant has already assembled a strong following and is well on his way to becoming a powerhouse in the music industry. In 2011 he linked up with Elvis Escobar, CEO of DreamSOON Music Group, and affiliate members Chris Trejo and David Rodriguez. Ant was able to increase his fan base and bring a new sound to the Houston music scene with 2014 mixtape releases “Something Real” and self-titled “Ant Watts.” Recently, in 2015 Ant joined forces with Gbenga Yemidale, President of Storm Music Circle LLC, a independent Hip Hop label based in Houston, TX, to release a new project titled “#WattsWednesday.”

Currently, Ant is working on the new music for his fans which is inspired by real life experiences. He has no intentions on slowing down and knows that with faith and hard work he will soon reach his ultimate goal of making his city proud.


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