Andre Blue, The Wavy Tape


Andre Blue is a young Hip Hop artist representing the 860 who pulls inspiration from all sorts of artists ranging from Usher to Mos Def to The Beatles. He’s fresh off of his second mixtape, The Wavy Tape Vol. 1, and believes his artistic skills go further than the creation of music itself. He’s a trained actor, a visionary, and someone who can seemingly be described as an innovator. Andre belongs to local rap group, Mayhem, who is currently gaining notoriety in Hartford, Connecticut and its surrounding towns. His catalog explores many different sounds which proves that versatility is a strong point of his. When asked to describe himself in three words he said,” Fun-loving, Afrocentric, and rare.” Whenever he’s not in the studio, expect him to be doing something art related whether it’s competing in poetry slams or working on short films. Andre Blue has a voice that touches hearts and will stop at nothing less than changing the world.

Official website:
Twitter: @dregottheblues
Instagram: @dregottheblues


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