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Rochester, NY born, now Atlanta resident, emcee A.K.i.L is an 18 year old artist who blends the authenticity of hip-hop’s roots with a new flavor and lyricism that can move a crowd of his peers. A.K.i.L is an MC who consciously creates music that can be enjoyed by a wide-range of people. He can flow to raw hip-hop or southern style sub-bass beats, but he also shines when he rhymes on a well-produced, smoothed out track. The name Akil has African roots and means “intelligent” which is why it is fitting that his stage name A.K.i.L stands for “Always Kickin’ Intelligent Lyrics.”

A.K.i.L made the decision fresh out of high school and with the blessing of his parents to pursue his music career on a full-time basis. Almost immediately, A.K.i.L’s music has begun to be recognized in the Atlanta area and he has started to build a body of work that has the potential to re-calibrate the musical compass of the public.

Recently, A.K.i.L has released a free to the public promotional CD that further showcases his special artistic abilities. The level of creativity, wit, and cleanness of lyrics, versatility of rhyme flows, and the unique stylishness of his singing puts A.K.i.L’s promo CD more appropriately in the category of a break-out piece of work.In support of the promotional CD, A.K.i.L has released two videos. The first video is a professionally produced video for his latest song release entitled “Blow.” The second, and most recently released video, is a digital story telling styled video for the song “Get Involved.”

Follow A.K.i.L on:
Official Website: www.sonicbids.com/akil
Twitter: @akilbridges
Instagram: @a.k.i.l_b
Facebook: www.facebook.com/akilbridgesrap.

For booking or additional information you can contact Steven Gerod at stevegbridges@comcast.net or 678-799-2092.

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