Akee’, Born To Entertain


Well versed in playing the piano and guitar, American singer, songwriter, an actress Brittany Bre’lyn Myers, Akee’, was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri as the youngest of three. Growing up she took pride in being from a diverse cultural heritage, her mother’s African American and her father is of Native American descent (German, and Irish, and Spanish ancestry). Her introduction into music was at a young age, 5, when she began to sing, write, and perform in singing and dancing competitions. From the onset of her dance class she professed to the instructor that she wanted to be an entertainer.

Akee’ expresses that her biggest influence is her mother/manager and as a child she was taught to strive towards your dreams. She wants to be a representative for all struggling young artists and promote the ideal that to never give up regardless of the obstacles. With her ideology ingrained in her DNA, she enrolled at Webster University earning a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in video production. A Master’s degree in communications with emphasis on media technology from Lindenwood University was later achieved.

Akee’s’ musical and performance experience stretches for over a decade with early performances dating back to 2003. In that time she’s performed at senatorial and congressional events, churches, civic and public park festivals, and parades. She was also requested to showcase in Kentucky, Florida, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In 2006 she performed at The Loft for Cedric the Entertainer, Guy Tory, Anthony Anderson, Duane Martin, and Nelly. Music-wise she’s written and produced songs with Andre Cymone, Kevin DeCluee, and Joel Scoffler in Los Angeles. Most recent she’s worked with Kevin Nesbit.

Instagram: @akeesong


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