AJaxKid, Noise Sessions


“I believe good music is made to address the mood we as listeners feel from within and not make us feel something other than what we felt then.”

A.J. Lopez, AJaxKid, is a musician and producer originally from Glendale, CA. AJaxKid has been involved in a variety of different musical projects. He’s played guitar and was lead vocalist for Los Angeles Post Metal Punk band theAmbulance which was produced by Daron Malakian from the Metal band System of a Down. In 2006, AJaxKid wrote and produced a full length album for his band theAmbulance which he then mixed with award winning producer Sylvia Massey at Radiostar Studios. AJaxKid has worked in studios with musicians and producers such as Levon Sultanian from One Side Zero and Will I Am from the Black Eyed Peas.

AJaxKid studied post production and audio engineering at SAE Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, CA. As a sound designer, AJaxKid has a passion for creating Electronic/Hip Hop music using everything from sequencers to his electric guitar. He works independently out of his home studio in Paradise, CA and continues to produce music for various television and film projects. AJaxKid also performs weekly with his avante-garde jazz trio and solo as AjaxKid. Currently AJaxKid is producing an album entitled “Noise Sessions,” a compilation of live instrumental performances which is due later this year.

Official website: www.facebook.com/pages/AJaxKid/1441985052781751
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/ajaxkid/sets/pureevil2-submissions

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