Ajax Stacks, Stacking Up

Rude Boy Magazine

Avery ‘Stacks’ Jackson, who performs under the stage name as Ajax Stacks, is an up and coming rap artist from the West Michigan city of Grand Rapids. Born from a hipster, Woodstock attendee mother from upstate New York, and a traditional, stickler for the rules father from the soulful city of Pittsburgh, PA, it’s no wonder Stacks is one of the most versatile lyricists in the region. Equipped with a full arsenal of literary and vocal skills, you’ll find yourself dancing in the club to one song and pondering own life decisions on the next. With a work ethic that matches his talent, Stacks has full potential to be mentioned along side of Hip-Hop’s young and brilliant.

You can check out Ajax Stacks on his website at www.AjaxStacks.com. Listen to more of his music on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/AjaxStacks.

Ajax Stacks – We Are GR

Ajax Stacks, Mad Snipes, & Nate Paulson – Why Lie?

Ajax Stacks – Fall From Your Heart

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