Aj Dollaz, Undiscovered Mastermind


You have now met greatness as Aj Dollaz has come to change the game. The originality of this artist is contagious. He has lyrics unlike any other artists with punchlines that would make Ali join the boxing league again. He’s very humble, always taught as a child to remain confident in all aspects of life.

Aj Dollaz has been doing multiple shows is his current town. He has big shows ahead of him too, such as the famous and well known Coast 2 Coast live event in Houston, Texas on March 10th. This young guy is turning heads wherever he goes.

Aj Dollaz has just released a mixtape called UM (Undiscovered Mastermind) last year shortly after October. He has now been working on U2M (Undiscovered Mastermind 2) and will be dropping it March 20th. The project will feature his hit single “R.N.R.” He’s a young veteran with 10 years of practice and experience. He’s ready to reach the top.

Instagram: @lyrical_locomotive
Snapchat: @ajdollaz_bhs5
Twitter: @KCSW_BHS
Soundcloud: @ajdollaz_sps_bhs

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