Air-Liner, Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

2from the alley

When it comes to being musically inclined, Air-Liner’s one to look out for with his quirky talk and unique character. Erie, PA born and raised, he’s making a name for himself in the music industry. From the different sounds to quality of production, the music definitely stands a part. No one has signed the artist to any label as of yet, but like he says he does not need a record deal.

Air-Liner has had his ups and downs as an artist going through bad contracts with labels. Now he’s chosen to take matters into his own hands by investing in himself. He’s done shows in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Canada and is looking forward to more opportunities as his career advances.

At this time Air-Liner is working on a music video called “Parking Lot” which will be available for viewing in April sometime. Hiss goals are to create his own entertainment company. We surely hope he succeeds because we feel this guy has a lot to offer the masses. It won’t be long until you hear the music nationwide, major moves are being made.

Soundcloud: air-liner-1

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