Agree to Disagree, Finding The Perfect Sound

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Agree to Disagree, formed on July 26, 2008, is a Pop Punk/Melodic Hardcore band from the South Shore of Massachusetts. The band consists of Zachary St. Paul and Matt Magnell on vocals/guitar, Bobby Magnell playing bass, and Steven Kunevich on drums. The first couple years of the band’s existence revolved around finding a perfect sound and a few member changes until finally coming together in 2011 and releasing their debut EP “I Like It Better In My Basement” in October of that year.

They have shared the stage with the likes of Modern Baseball, State Champs, Handguns and more, along with releasing their debut full length album “If You Think We Suck Now, Just Wait Til We Sellout” in July of 2014. They look ahead to the future with playing shows, in and out of state, writing constantly, and whatever else comes across their path.

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