Adaire, Music Never Stops


When you define the word talent it describes a natural ability or power. There are many things that human beings can learn or be taught, but there are also some things that are a part of your genetic make-up. Adaire Thompson exemplifies that natural ability. Born into the world as the seed of a singer and dancer it would be discovered that he contained a double dosage of gifts.

From the age of 6 he began dancing and singing to television ads and music videos in his mother’s living room. It’s almost as if there is a constant radio playing in his head because anywhere he went he would just burst into a dance step or start singing popular songs by his favorite artists. Although sports became a major part in his life growing up, the music never stopped playing in his head.

Now at the ripe age of 20 he is ready to share his gifts with the world. As a singer, songwriter, and dancer Adaire breathes a new wind into the atmosphere. His charisma, drive, and passion of music is a never ending conversation. The only place you will see him being a follower is on Twitter. He is a natural born leader that creates his own choreography and plans to set new records in the world of entertainment. Following your destiny and bringing it to life is the most rewarding part of his existence. Adaire is ready to let the world hear the music that never stops playing.

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