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Born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario and moved to Saskatoon as a media director, ACHEE, while living there, had a few friends who inspired him to try a little something called rap. He’s always been into film and dreamed of becoming a director/cinematographer who captured stories to share with the world. He decided about a year ago to brand myself as a hip hop artist and it has taken off. Still very new to all of this, ACHEE decided to help his lack of rapping with visuals to stimulate an audience. His love for rap and expression through lyrics has grown deeply into this desire to connect with people in a way he has never been able to do before.

His most notable and poignant endeavor has been the release of his debut mixtape titled Phobia that boasts 10 tracks, each named after a phobia of his. If you watch the featured video for the track “Genophobia” you will notice ACHEE wears sunglasses since he was scared to show his face because he was embarrassed of what others might think of him. He was scared of a lot of things but finishing the project and continuing with it has changed and inspired him to continue being himself because there are a ton of people out there that need a “you.”

Now with a solid and therapeutic project released, ACHEE will be focusing on releasing a new EP, music videos for new songs, and setting up more shows and possible west coast tour.

Official website:
Soundcloud: acheemusic

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