Ace Diego, SinSerious

Degi Hari

From San Diego, moved to San Francisco, Ace Diego (formerly known as Awol) is one half of the brotherly duo SinSerious consisting of Ace and Gamma. Ace has been a part of two experimental live Hip Hop bands, From the Hip, and Nova Noir and now is ready to shine on his own. With an appetite for creativity and Inspiration from all of the great lyricists of Hip Hop (Nas, Mos Def, Saafir, Ghostface Killah, Outkast, Pharcyde) and more he aspires to follow in their footsteps while paving his own path.

Ace Diego recently released 3 projects, one under the umbrella SinSerious entitled “Peace Kings EP.” The other two projects are collaborations with separate producers. “Solid Airity” is produced by Dovetail and the very recently released “Distorted Dialects” is a thematic project produced by Jimenez.

All of these various projects display Ace’s ever changing unique poetic flow and storytelling. Always maintaining a soulful approach and poetic edge, Ace is here to tell his story and push the boundaries of creativity for Hip Hop.

Find his music on:

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