A.B.M., On The Attack


A.B.M. stands for Amateur Beat Maker and is owner of JMahoney Production. Inspired by one of his favorite artists, DJ Fury of Bass Patrol, he develop a love for bass music. Although he doesn’t consider himself as a seasoned producer/artist, he does it mainly when he has the chance. A.B.M. decided to get a little more serious with his music around ’06 when he was working on and setting to release his 1st demo bass album, “4 yo trunk,” but somehow the track titles got leaked online. After that A.B.M. put a hold on everything and slept on it a few years.

During ’06 A.B.M. had a lot of success on Unsigned Band and had one of his tracks, “How Low Can U Go?,” rank #1 on 5 different charts: All Genre Music Chart (48 Hours), All Genre Music Chart (7 Days), Hip Hop Charts (48hours), Hip Hop Charts (7 Days), and Hip Hop Charts (30 Days). The track was also one of the featured favorites in the month of February ’06. In late 2012 A.B.M. decided to give it another shot releasing the demo EP “Hittin” with the single “Kick A Lil Sumthing.”

Now on the attack to bring bass music back, A.B.M. is working on his first major album release, “12000 Watts of Bass.” He’s done interviews with Jamsphere Magazine, The Jiggy Jaguar sShow, iRap World, and The Ed Tyell Show. Keep a look out for A.B.M. because he’s back.

Official website: www.jmpbeats.com | www.jmpnews.us
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/jmahoneyproduction
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jmahoneypo

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