A+A, Believe in Good Girls


A+A is a musical duo based out of New York who started originally writing, producing, and mixing for other musical acts and decided to leave that world and do it all themselves. Their philosophy states, “There are no rules or guidelines when it comes to making music because it is all subjective, but as humans, our likes and dislikes are all over the place.”

A+A is a musical representation of exactly that. They make the music they love to listen to inspiring them to create a broad range of literally every genre. They have roots in classical, jazz, pop, hip hop, r&b, folk, country, and electronic. Now pretend all those genres had a baby, that’s’ A+A.

We’re thrilled to showcase their latest release, “Believe in Good Girls,” on Soundcloud. The track as racked up over 43K+ plays. The track is an r&b song with capped off with a dope flow. With such an amazing rhythm, a fan describes the track “[sounding] really organic.” It’s further explained that, “The track switches and compliments the vocals perfectly throughout and really helps to bring out the emotion and tone of the singers voice.”

Official website: www.weareaplusa.co
Soundcloud: @weareaplusa

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