A2ZEE, Crossing The Pond

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At 20, Greek/St. Lucian A2ZEE has spent the past two years crossing the pond from his hometown in London to New York performing and promoting the tracks he’s written in both Greek and English.

A2ZEE was exposed to many genres of music as a child, but his skills came to fruition at 11 when he realized the influence rap had on him.

At 16 A2ZEE was born and his journey as an artist officially began. He started working on his song writing skills in both English and Greek and worked on his performance techniques, which lead him to open up for some of his biggest shows to date like ‘Akala’ and ‘Lowkey’ in London.

A2ZEE has teamed up with aspiring artist/producer Karmah Cruz and together they have been creating a catalog of songs featuring her original beats and his innovative lyrics.

Learn more about A2ZEE on his website at www.a2zeemusic.com.

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