$815K Is The Price Of An Apple I Computer


According to Fortune, Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, the co-founders of beauty product firm Glamglow, bought the Apple I computer in an online auction for a $815,000 USD.

Apple historian Corey Cohen said that he, along with help from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Apple’s 12th employee Daniel Kottke, were able to date the computer to the summer of 1976 making it among the first Apple I machines ever produced. Cohen tells Fortune he believes there are around just 60 to 70 Apple I computers still in existence. However, he says there are countless replicas that only a handful of Apple historians can identify as fakes.

The Apple I the Dellimores bought is valued at $1 million based on special features that aren’t included in others including components that Cohen believes Apple co-founder Steve Jobs himself tested to reduce the computer’s costs. The couple plans to keep the Apple I as an investment as well as share it with museums and universities to educate the community about its “place in history.”

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