50 Cent Says Young Buck And Tony Yayo Are “Babies”

50 Cent - Rude Boy Magazine

50 Cent discussed the fallout between himself and G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Young Buck … again, calling both “babies.”

In an interview with CGMofficialTV, the hip-hop mogul said his former associates are not owning up to their responsibilities.

“They’re babies,” 50 said. “They’re babies. At different points they throw the tantrums and stuff like that and I just watch them. Just watch them do what they’re doing. It’s not like their responsibilities is gonna change. They’re grown. They’re adults. They behave like babies at points. They have to. They have to do it. It won’t be long before you see some different things from them.”

Yayo recently took to social media to address the status of G-Unit and his relationship with 50 Cent, alluding to his longtime friend not appreciating his loyalty.

As far as Buck, the Southern rapper was booted from G-Unit back in 2008, after he began dissing the label in public settings.

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