4 B-LO Is Here To Introduce The Buffalo Sound


When it comes to being musically inclined, Buffalo’s 4 B-LO is not a new group in the recording business and has made a name for themselves. From innovative and vanguard lyrics to overall performance and style, the music is speaking for itself. Don’t sleep on 4 B-LO because the musicians and entrepreneurs might just have something up their sleeve that is purely unexpected.

As Buffalo’s leading hip hop and r&b group, 4 B-LO is exhibiting outrageous talent and have come together to spread their city’s sound throughout the world. The Boyz II Men-esque quartet’s sound is old school and progressive all in one. With smooth vocals, tight harmonies, incredible lyricism, and a refreshing sound, one listen is sure to have you hooked. In the three years of its existence, they have been featured on numerous radio, TV, internet shows, and have performed at many venues.

Their success isn’t based on their appearances, giving back to the community is what true success in the eyes of 4 B-LO. Whether it’s back to school giveaways, singing to hospital patients, being examples to the youth of positive black men making a name for themselves in the city, that’s true success to them. Now they’re looking for the community to return the love and aid in the creation of their EP titled Ready For Love.

Official website: www.4blomusic.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/4below

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