10 Dope Rap Albums You Completely Forgot To Buy

Are you a old school 80’s baby hip hop fanatic that does not want to miss a single beat?

Check out our top 10 rap albums that you’ve probably forgot to pick up during your early days. Don’t worry, it’s not too late, thanks to the internet, these great classics are right in  your hands.

Here is our list, in no particular order…

  • Glasses Malone – Beach Cruiser

Without a doubt, this is one of the dopest hood classics to ever reach the shelves. The placement of Beach Cruiser was a bit tangled up due to the deal with Cash Money. Even until this day, we really don’t know if it ever hit the light of day when it comes to retail space :/

  • Krayzie Bone – Thug Mentality

Did you get Thug Mentality from Krayzie Bone? If not, it’s a must pick! The double CD album included some of the greatest records in his career. We often think of this as his greatest album; not just with Krayzie, but the entire BONE franchise.

  • 50 Cent – Guess Who’s Back?

Do you remember before 50 was signed with Aftermath and Shady? He was still dope. Guess Who’s Back in our opinion had some of the greatest records from 50. Some of the the records was released later, but not the entire album.

  • Mack 10 – Bang or Ball

Bang or Ball in our opinion was the most underrated release of all time. It was such a great album, and almost every single song on it was produced and recorded with pure dope. Mack 10 forever will have his album on our top list. Period…

  • Yukmouth – Godzilla

When the album released, it was hard to believe that it didn’t get the commercial recognition that it deserved. This was our favorite album from the Oakland native, and will also be on our top list.

  • Tech N9ne – Absolute Power

Tech N9ne will always remain a powerhouse in the commercially independent genre, but did you get Absolute Power? It was one of his first releases and will always remain one of the greatest independent albums of our time.

  • Outlawz – 2005 AP

Who has purchased 2005 AP? If you have, then you know this was one of the dopest independent releases of our time. Although released years after the death of 2Pac, we believe The Outlawz did an amazing job with the release of 2005 AP.

  • Crooked I – Hoodstar

There was always a lot of dirty talk on Death Row Records after the fall, but that doesn’t mean the artists that were released after were downgraded. Crooked I was one of those artists that stood on his ground. Hoodstar remains on our list as one of the top unheard projects.

  • DJ Quik – Safe + Sound

DJ Quik is no stranger to the music industry, but did you skip out on Safe & Sound? Chances are that you did. With so many great Quik albums, we believe Safe & Sound was one of the better releases. It was also one of our favorite albums of all time. He was well known in Southern California before all the  hype, so getting this album would be a good move to restore some of that g-funk you’ve been missing out on.

  • Daz Dillinger – Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back

Last but not least, one of the most underrated producers and artists of our time is Daz Dillinger. One half of Tha Dogg Pound, and producer of some of the best west coast classics of our time, Daz’s solo album Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back was definitely a hot release that was missed by the masses.

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